Solar Mounting Options

There are numerous different mounting options for Solar systems but here are the most common:


On-Roof PV System - Flitwick

On-Roof PV System – Flitwick




On Roof

PV panels are mounted on a pitched roof on top of the existing roof tiles






The PV panels sit flush with the surrounding roof tiles using a special mounting system which removes the tiles underneath the PV panels.  This can be a more attractive option but is also slightly more expensive than the standard on-roof system.



Flat Roof Solar PV System


Flat Roof

Panels are mounted on special frames, usually angled 20-30 degrees and facing south where possible for optimum output.  The frame can either be bolted to the roof or weighted down with concrete paving stones which is often the preference to avoid having to penetrate the roofing membrane.





East/West Flat Roof

When flat roof space is limited an East/West system is a great way of fitting more panels on.  The panels are mounted at 10 degrees so that the array benefits from the sun throughout the day as well as capturing the morning and evening sun.