Change in Planning Rules for Non-Domestic Solar Systems

Great news for commercial property owners and public sector organisations who are thinking about Solar PV. Following a review of Permitted Development Rights, planning permission will no longer be required for non-domestic installations providing certain conditions are met:

  • Roof-mounted Solar systems must not protrude more than 200mm from the roof/wall surface it is mounted on.
  • On a flat roof, the system must be less than 1m in height above the highest part of the flat roof, excluding any chimneys.
  • Any roof mounted system must be more than 1m away from the external edge of the roof.
  • If the property is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty or conservation area, the system cannot be facing onto a public road.
  • Ground mounted systems  up to 9m2 and 4m high are permissible providing they are installed no less than 5m from the boundary and no nearer to any road than any part of the property’s building(s). 

There are other general conditions around making sure any proposed system has a minimal effect on the amenity of the area.  Planning permission is still required for listed buildings though as you might expect.  The new rules came into effect on 6th April.