Getting more from your Solar PV system

The unprecedented success of Solar PV to date has been largely driven by Feed-in Tariff.  It was all about financial return – we ourselves marketed on that message but think the tide has changed.  Tariffs have been cut dramatically and it’s time to focus on the longer term benefits of Solar PV.

We are now looking for ways to help customers make the best use of the energy they are generating and this starts with monitoring what you are generating.  In our view, we should not now be fitting a PV system without some form of monitoring device.  This enables customer to learn about their generation pattern and consider their consumption.

To really gain the most benefit from their solar PV system, owners need to use as much of the energy they generate as possible.  As they only produce solar energy during daylight hours this may mean changing their routine.  For example, instead of putting the dishwasher or washing machine on at night, they can put it on during the day instead to use their free electricity.  This will reduce the amount of electricity they draw form the grid and save them money on their bill.  The value of this will only increase as energy prices continue to rise. 

We spent 2 days at the Ecobuild Expo at London Excel recently and new technology is on the way to allow customers to monitor not only what they generate but also what they are consuming throughout the day.  Additional components can now be added to the PV system to divert any unused energy to heat hot water, something we’ll be offering our customers soon so watch this space.