July Cut to Feed-in Tariff Delayed

News filtered out at the end of last week that the next cut in feed-in tariffs scheduled to take effect from 1st July has been delayed.  Indications are that the new rates, which have not yet been published, will not now come into effect until 1 August which is great news for our customers.  Installations across the country have been much lower than anticipated since the last cuts came into effect on 3rd March this year and it sounds like DECC are listening to feedback from installers, hence the delay.  The next round of cuts will still come but maybe they won’t be as harsh as the proposal?  We won’t know until the final results of the consultation are published. 

One thing that is guaranteed though is that now is as good as it’s going to be in terms of return on investment for a PV system.  With the current feed-in tariff rate at 21p for up to 4kWp and kit prices at an all time low, return on investment is still working out at 10-12% on average.  So if you are still thinking about installing a system, call us today on 01525 213103 for a free quotation.  We may have an extra 4 weeks but the clock is still ticking on the current deal!