Running with Charlie!

Well, not literally!  This week saw Peter walking 26.2 miles in a day to support Charlie Wardle founder of the local Milton Keynes charity ‘Climb Your Mountain’ in his epic challenge … 30 marathons in 30 days to raise 30k.    You may have seen him on Anglia News earlier this week.  Morgans Solar sponsored the event for a day (as have numerous other local businesses) as we really wanted to do something to help.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join them due to still being on crutches … Peter needed to borrow them by the end of it!  Anyway, I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about the great work Charlie does and this amazing challenge.

 I first met Charlie in 2009 at a networking meeting and was really inspired by his story and how he came to set up ‘Climb Your Mountain’.  Having suffered from stress and depression himself, Charlie learned that the best medicine was exercise and he wanted to share his experience with others.  Climb Your Mountain was formed as a health and wellbeing charity, and they focus on exercise and education to help people from all walks of life who are suffering from depression, anxiety or who have generally been through some difficult times in their life.  The charity provides free educational books, courses and support as well as running physical and social events to help people improve their mental and physical wellbeing.  They also run lots of fantastic fundraising challenges which is how we got involved.  In 2010, Peter and I climbed Kilimanjaro and raised £7k for the charity.  It was such an amazing experience and we met some truly inspirational people both in the fundraising preparations for our climb and during the trip itself and we had the best fun ever.  You don’t have to be in need of help to get involved in some of the wide range of activities organised by the charity, check out the web site for more details:  If you do have a look, that’s me and Peter at the top of Kilimanjaro on the home page! (top right, we’re the two on the right)

Climb your Mountain is no different to any other charity in that it needs funds to survive and Charlie is so committed to what he does that he puts himself on the line to help others.  Hence his latest challenge – 30 marathons in 30 days to raise 30k.  Sounds crazy I know but that’s how passionate Charlie is about the work of Climb Your Mountain.  There’s still time to take part in this challenge with 8 days to go and you can help in lots of ways … go to for details and daily updates.  You don’t have to run, some days are walking or jogging days, it’s just about doing 26.2 miles every day of June.  Charlie himself unfortnuately picked up an injury after 13 days but he is still getting round by various means including a wheelchair bike. 

So can you help?  Even if you are just able to sponsor Charlie, you’ll be helping local people to beneift from the support Climb Your Mountain is uniquely placed to give them:

Thanks for reading this!