New Year For Solar PV Panel Installations

So 2012 is here and with it comes new oportunities to see significant savings on our household energy bills. Solar PV panels still promise to offer an excellent return on investment even after the feed-in tariff cuts and I feel the the market will change  mostly for the better. There is no doubt that after a record number of Solar Panel installations were completed by the Dec 12th deadline the market has cooled considerably. The capital costs of  Solar PV panels has already come down even further to compensate and as a result an installation well designed and installed can still now achieve up to 10% annual return on investment . In this new year of the reduced feed-in tariff  it will now be more important than ever that a solar panel project has a sound design based on correct matching of panels to the right inverter, keeping cable losses to a minimum, using quality products with warranties that will last beyond the feed-in tariff, and most importantly detailed site surveys with proper shading analysis. It will no longer be possible to get a good return from poorly positioned systems with shading issues. This year will see many less reputable installers give up and move on to the next big thing leaving the best in the industry to innovate and build better ongoing client relationships.  We’ll see quality installations delivering on estimated yields and with intelligent monitoring that allows consumers to maximise savings on their current energy bills. Entirley from an asthetics point of  view I hope this year we will also see the end of the shockingly awful solar panel installations that look like they have been thrown on the roof! Whilst completing our installations we have unfortunatley seen many in Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton and Dunstable on nearby properties that are not straight, are overhanging the roof edge, have rails sticking out the side for over a meter and cables flapping about in the wind or in the gutter and even panels permanently shaded.   Fewer shoddy installations, a good return from a sensible feed-in tariff and lower capital costs all add up to a good year in 2012 for solar PV.