Grand Designs Hertfordshire House

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Case Study – 2.28kWp Solar PV system on Grand Designs Hertfordshire House (2012)

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We were first asked to provide a quotation for a Solar System on a Grand Designs project house back in Summer 2011.  The system was installed in early December 2011 towards then end of the overall project.  Although only a small system on the flat roof of the property, it was not without its challenges as space was tight and we could not penetrate the special roof membrane.  In addition, the roof structure was an unusual wooden block system which meant a fair amount of liaison between our structural engineer and the project’s architect.


“Morgans Solar were extremely efficient and fitted our entire PV system on a high flat roof in a single day. We have been delighted with the performance of the panels and have already received a cheque for almost £380 for our first few months of generation.”


The system is 2.28 kWp facing south on a ballasted mounting frame at 20 degree inclination.  You can see more on our video.


Solar PV System Specification

12 x Amerisolar 190W monocrystalline solar modules

1 x SMA Sunny Boy 2000HF inverter

1 x OFGEM approved generation meter

Flatfix mounting frame


Predicted System Performance

Output = 1701 kWh per year

Income & Savings = £864 per year*

Cost to install £8,450 (November 2011)

Payback year 10

* Based on 43.3p Feed-in Tariff, 50% usage, 12p/kWh current electricity cost

As at July 30th the system had already generated 1421kWh, with 4 months to go to the first anniversary so on track to over-achieve the predicted output.