I had a Solar PV system installed in June 2011 – will I be affected by the change to the Feed-in Tariff in December 2011?

No, the government has committed to not making any retrospective changes to the Feed-in Tariff for those already registered on the scheme before 12th December 2011.

Do the Solar PV systems suit all roofs?

The panels can be fitted to almost any roof; we will specify the appropriate mounting system for your roof when ordering the components for your property. They can also be fitted on walls or ground mounted.

What if I need a different PV configuration to suit my roof?

We will survey your property to ascertain the best solution for your property and budget.

What about larger systems?

We offer a design service for bespoke systems. We can work with plans if you have them or we will come and visit the site to gather the necessary information.  Systems under 4kW fall under straightforward G83 electrical regulations. For systems greater than 4kW G59 regulations apply.

Do all PV systems have to sit above the tiles? 

No, in-roof mounting systems are available.  For this type of mounting system the roof tiles are removed so that the PV panels sit flush with the roof tiles.

Does a Solar PV system work during a power cut?

No, for safety reasons Solar PV system automatically shut down during a power cut.  The inverter senses when the power has gone off and switches off.