Our Service

Your Initial Enquiry

From your first contact with Morgans Solar you will appreciate the difference of working with a locally based, friendly, family firm. You won’t be passed around a call centre talking to anonymous operators. You will talk to a member of the team who knows the service and the products inside out and who can usually answer your questions. If we don’t have all the information you need immediately to hand we will find it for you and call you back when we say we will.


The Site Survey

Usually a site survey is the next step. We will agree a time to suit you and arrange for our technical director to visit you.

As well as talking to you about what you want from your system there are some technical aspects that need checking. What kind of roof do you have, which sizes of panels will fit your roof, what angle your roof pitched at, and will panels get sufficient sun. We will also need access to your roof space to check if your roof will take the additional weight of the installation.

Morgans Solar don’t have salesmen as they are not in the business of selling, it’s all about helping people achieve their goals. So you can be certain you are under absolutely no obligation and you are guaranteed there will be no pressure to make any form of commitment until you are happy to do so.


Designing Your PV System

Armed with the information form the site survey we are now in a position to put together the initial design elements of your system. Although our experience will ensure we have a fair idea of how to go about your installation every design is totally bespoke to suit your property and what you want to achieve.


How much will it all cost?

Having put together a detailed scheme we can work out a price for you. We recognise that an installation of this type is expensive and understand that you expect a good return on such a significant investment. Accordingly every component will be up to the job, saving a few pounds by using inferior parts is not an option for us. Our reputation has been built on providing quality installations for the long term and we won’t risk compromising that.

At Morgans Solar you might not always get the cheapest job but you are guaranteed exceptional value for money. Yes you might be able to find a supplier who can install a similar system for less than us. We are confident that they won’t use the same quality of products or install your system to the same high standards. Will any supplier, who cuts corners, still be in business in a year or two down the line? You need someone who will be there to support you for the life of the installation.


Do you have any more questions?

Having sent you the proposal you will have the opportunity to discuss the details with your family, friends or other trusted advisers. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to get in touch, however we will not trouble you or in any way put you under pressure to go ahead. You can take all the time you need to make your decision and if you decide not to award us the contract all we ask is that you tell us why, so we can improve our service for others in the future.


You want to go ahead

So you have decided to work with Morgans Solar and agreed the final specification of your system, we will prepare a contract for the works to ensure we both have the same expectations of exactly what will happen, who will do it… and when.


Organising your structural survey, EPC, scaffolding, etc

Once the contract is signed it’s time to swing into action. In some cases planning permission may be required and we are happy to help you with this process.  In all cases, we will arrange for a structural engineer to check out your property to ensure the roof or wall is suitable to take the load of the solar system.

If any reinforcement work is required, we will let you know as soon as possible so that any additional costs can be reviewed before proceeding. This is also time to order the scaffolding which is essential to enable the installation to progress on schedule get the panels up onto your roof undamaged, and most importantly, safely.


Installing Your System

The team usually start work at 8:30am on day one of the installation.  Two members of the team will be fitting the panels on the roof while the electrician gets to work on the electrical side of the installation.  On average a domestic system takes 1-2 days to install.  Importantly, as well as being properly trained in Solar installations, our teams are trained to clean up after themselves and treat your property with respect.


Commissioning Your PV System

On the last day of installation, the solar system will be professionally tested before it is switched on. We will then notify all relevant bodies such as the Distribution Network Operator (DNO), the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), Building Control, and your energy supplier.


Handing over the system to you

Once the installation is complete, one of the management team will walk you round the installation tell you what’s what and show you how to turn the system on and off if required. You will then be taken through a full handover process, covering all the documentation relating to your new solar system.


On-going maintenance

Because your Solar PV panels have no moving parts and are designed to be self-cleaning they do not usually require much in the way of on-going maintenance. It’s worth checking the inverter is showing the green operating light on a regular basis. You’ll also need to check for any heavy soiling on the panels as this may affect the performance of your system. If this is the case it will need to be cleaned off. If you can’t or prefer not to do this yourself, give Morgans Solar a call, we’ll be happy to help.