Building Control

Solar PV installations must comply with Part A (structure) and Part P (electrical) of the Building Regulations.

Our installation teams belong to competent person schemes and are able to self certify these elements of the installation

In the case of roof and wall mounted systems it is very important to determine the suitability of your property to bear the load imposed by the proposed solar system.

This is an important part of the process and Morgans Solar enlist the services of a fully qualified structural engineer to carry out a survey of the roof/wall.  The solar system will then be installed to the Structural Engineer’s recommendations.

On occasion, this means that the roof structure, for example, has to be reinforced before the solar system can be mounted on it.  We can arrange this work for you if required.

Once your solar installation is complete, you will receive a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.  You will need to produce this certificate should you decide to sell your house at a later date.