Energy monitoring systems

Monitoring Your Solar PV System

Once you  have had a Solar PV system installed, it’s important to know what you are generating and when so that you can make informed decisions on how best to use the generated electricity.  The more you use, the more you save!  For every unit of free electricity you use, that’s one less unit you have to buy from your energy supplier.

There are a number of products on the market for monitoring energy generation an we recommend the following:

Sunny View 

SMA Sunny View

If you have an SMA Inverter we strongly recommend this device for domestic PV systems.  It’s a fantastic little gadget that communicates with your inverter via bluetooth and provides real time data showing how your PV system is performing.  It’s very easy to operate – you simply turn the nob on the side to scroll between viewing options and it will show information on for daily, weekly, monthly and annual output in graph format.

We’ve tried various other proprietary devices for other inverters and have generally been disappointed so if you don’t have an SMA inverter we recommend this for a domestic system…


Geo Solar PV


GEO Solo II Solar PV

The GEO Solo PV monitoring device can be used with any inverter as is uses an LED reader to measure the energy going through your generation meter.  It provides live generation information giving you a clear picture of how well your PV array is performing.  There are a number of display options so you can see what you’ve earned in Feed-in Tariff, how many kilowatts you’ve generated or how much CO2 you’ve saved.  It will also show this information for today, yesterday and the last 7 days.

This device also comes with free access to GEO’s on-line web portal allowing you to compare data and trends. If you are interested in either of these devices for your domestic solar PV system, please let us know and we can include the device of your choice in your quotation.


For Commercial installations, there are a range of monitoring systems available depending upon which inverter(s) we recommend for your project.  These range from PC based systems to VDU displays for public areas.  If you are a school for example, you may wish to have your real time generation information on show to help educate the children on your renewable energy project.  We’ll always ask whether you are interested in this if we provide a quotation.

Sunny Webbox Set-up

For Commercial systems using SMA inverters, the Sunny Webbox is a great tool for monitoring your PV plant remotely.  Not only will it provide all the key data for your PV system but it will detect operational failures immediately and flag them up, minimising any downtime.  This wireless device is simple to set up with no cables needed between to either the inverters or a PC, all data is transmitted via Bluetooth.