Quality Products


Many installers are part of a large organisation and the products they can supply are centrally sourced and purchased. Regardless of your particular situation they have to fit those products. Morgans Solar is different. We are totally independent, which means we will select the best products for your installation, regardless of the manufacturer.

The Solar PV panels we quote on are chosen against a number of criteria:

  • Quality brand name
  • History of manufacturer and experience in the PV market
  • Panel efficiency, positive power tolerance and any performance enhancing features
  • Warranty and likelihood of this being valid for the lifetime of the panel

Grid Connect Inverter –the inverters we use have been selected to operate within the permitted range of all the components in the system and in particular to suit the power rating of the PV array.  Inverters are designed to convert the electricity produced by the panels from DC into AC and typical efficiencies achieved are 90-95% ensuring your energy yield is maximised.

Mounting Structure – this can be a sloping or flat roof type mounting frame to suit your installation.  We use high quality aluminium mounting structures designed for secure long term installation and minimum additional loading.  Specific roof fixings for slate, tile or concrete tiles are specified to suit your property.

Electrical Components – we provide all the electrical components needed for to safely connect the solar panels through to your electricity consumer unit including a kilo Watt hour (kWh) meter so you can monitor the energy you generate.

Monitoring Devices – most of the inverters we use can be connected to desktop monitoring devices which allow you to keep an eye on how your system is performing.